Wednesday, January 23, 2008

act blue

jet over at bring it on! is stumping for a progressive candidate running for congress in florida- alan grayson. it is easy to forget that there are congressional races going on this year- what with all of the msm turned away from it. the congressional races are just as important as the presidential race because the next congress should be more progressive than democratic. we certainly need more wexlers and less pelosis. so if you live in florida's 8th district- check out alan grayson- or even if you don't- feel free to contribute to his campaign.

or better yet- go to actblue and stump for your own progressive candidate- each voice being an activist- helps. check out the grassroots allstar poll at democracy for america

some info links

here- vanity fair

here- rolling stone

here- CBS




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Jet said...

Thanks for the plug, and the reminder that winning the Whitehouse is only part of it.