Thursday, December 27, 2007


on why i am not writing about the bhutto murder. i am a woman and i recognize that bhutto's stint as prime minister in an islamic country was important. her role as a strong leader among men was as important as golda meir and margaret thatcher's were in paving the way for women everywhere. however, i am someone who believes that people are equal. men and women are equal even as they are different physiologically. that bhutto was murdered is newsworthy because she was an opposition leader backed by america to disrupt a nuisance who doesn't want to toe the mark. that doesn't detract from her former accomplishments or what her future could have held. but is her life any more newsworthy or precious than any number of iraqis or kurds or palestinians or sudanese or rwandans? or anyone else on the planet? in my mind no. she was a daughter and wife and mother- just as countless other women are. she suffered loss just as any number of women have. she was special only because she moved up the ranks of power- something that many women can't do.

i can't prove what my thoughts are on who really killed her and why- so i won't share in the open forum of the internet. i will say that we will see more of this type of thing before it ends- because we have destabilized the world. there have always been fragile places but we deliberately stirred things up for greed and power. we, and the rest of the western world, have corporatized the world and ruined our basic necessities for generations. we are destroying the very planet that we live on- and in the process we continue to destroy our fellow human beings. in the name of profit. who the hell needs that much profit and power? the people in the elite 1% of the earth's population that controls things- they take a shit just like i do; they put their clothes on one leg at a time just like i do; they put food in their mouths like i do and sleep every day- just like me. their physiology is just like mine- and i can't say that they are any smarter than me.

but there is a difference. i actually give a shit about my fellow human beings. i realize that they have feelings and families and lives that they care about- just like me. i am surrounded by love and compassion that i know that these other folks feel too. that is what separates me from that 1% who feel so omnipotent. that is what separates me from the filth who use poor people with no hope to carry out their whims- who put the gun in the hand of the person who pulled the trigger that killed benazir bhutto. some folks talk about shock upon hearing she had been murdered. they talked about naivete and genuine shock that this occurred. please folks- our new reality courtesy of the neo con movement is going to be extremely ugly. please prepare accordingly.

i have been on a self imposed news blackout- but that only means that i haven't been reading the news. i do read the blogs- to see what is important to folks and to see how folks are reacting to said news items. for those kind enough to read my drivel lately- i just want to lay it out plain- we are in the fight for our lives- as people. forget about what you think you know about america and the rest of the world. this is a one world planet now- united under the conglomerates and corporations and such. there are already disappearances and kidnappings and murders of people here in america- torture and imprisonment. what i see on the blogs- people concerned that congress will continue to pass legislation that 'helps' bushco. it isn't about bushco anymore. those folks are pawns. they are part of the plan. the people who are really in charge are so far removed from humanity- that not only have you never heard of them- they don't have a connection to humanity. which is why they have no compunction at taking out a bhutto or anyone else. they have done this for millennia and will continue to do so until the end of the planet. the only reason we care- is because it is happening to america this time. grow up and wake up. we have no privacy and the police state has begun. they don't want the mobs to panic- it's easier to keep crowd control if you make the populace believe that their lives haven't changed much. the smart folks will start to disappear and the sheeple will be left alone- to perpetuate the species and we will have a global fiefdom. welcome to the 21st century.

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