Friday, December 07, 2007

open thread friday

it has been awhile since i had one of these :) i don't have a particular topic in mind at this time- but there is certainly enough to talk about. the cats and i are snuggled in on a friday night and i am preparing to make that damned fudge- even though i am still not in the mood to do so. been thinking much about memories and the past- and while they say that you can't go home again- it's nice to dust off some of those old chestnuts once in awhile. one of my favorite holiday movies is national lampoon's cmas vacation- for several reasons (oh come on- you knew that was coming :)- one being- it's pretty damned funny but it also takes me back to the 1980's and my youth. i see the fashions and hairdos of the times- the cars and what it looked like. i mean for a movie set :) and the premise of the movie is- family. they all bickered and what not- but the griswolds pulled together and took in family and stood up for family- and loved each other at the end. yes, it's a movie and for a brief time- i can go there and smile. the present isn't horrible- but it is something that is changing daily for me- and others. i don't look much to the future anymore. it isn't somewhere nice we are heading and i would rather hold on to my memories- as biased as they are and clouded in my judgment- and enjoy them.

anyhoo- let's talk traditions tonight- what are some of your favorites? we all have them. i make fudge for everyone because apparently, it's tasty. too sweet for me :)

got some holiday stuff going on over at scrap paper for anyone who's interested.


an average patriot said...

I love National Lampoons vacation series. they are all funny. Chevy Chase never disappoint.
I Enjoyed mt best Christmas season on the German economy. They know how to do it right. with my sons all gone my Holiday spirit remains undaunted but I think about it and smile. I need nothing. My mind does everything for me. I would be happy just thinking about it and I am smiling just thinking about it but my Fiance would kill me. Chin up!

Larry said...

I am in Colorado tonight where they are expecting 2 foot of snow, and it seems they always get what they expect.

Christmas has changed from what it used to be, nothing spectacular but it does have memories, and fudge.

John Good said...

Having worked in either retail mgnt for most of my life, BAH HUMBUG!! ;)

I get you regarding the memories - glad it aint just me. I'm always the guy looking at the stuff going on "around" the actual movie. . .

WeezieLou said...

i'm amibivalent abt xmas this year, after losing a parent. But i'm slowly embracing the times again. above all else, i LOVE xmas music. so we have an all-christmas all the time channel, which i set on my car and home music centers. my partner, kitty, is either abt to go nuts, or start singing along with karen carpenter

betmo said...

if it's the karen carpenter song i am thinking about, it drives me nuts because she sings 'i wish i were with you.' now, i know why she sings it as opposed to was- the whole s thing- but it drives me crazy. :) i know what you mean though. today is a cookie day whether i like it or not. i finally got the fudge done and whatever cookies i get done over the weekend- is what is being mailed out in packages to friends and family. and i want to get them done. so, that's my sharing to them- cookies.