Monday, December 31, 2007

jamming head up ass- it's nicer there

yahoo news

"We need to be attentive to the fact that changes are going to occur, whether it's sea level rising or increased temperatures, droughts and potentially increased fires," said Lisa Sloan, a scientist who directs the Climate Change and Impacts Laboratory at the University of California, Santa Cruz. "These things are going to be happening."

Among the earliest and most noticeable casualties is expected to be California's ski season.

Snow is expected to fall for a shorter period and melt more quickly. That could shorten the ski season by a month even in wetter areas and perhaps end it in others.

Whether from short-term drought or long-term changes, the ski season already has begun to shrivel in Southern California, ringed by mountain ranges that cradle several winter resorts."

this is my personal favorite---------

"There's always plenty of snow, but you may just have to go out of state for it," said Rinda Wohlwend, 62, who belongs to two ski clubs in Southern California. "I'm a very avid tennis player, so I'd probably play more tennis."


Larry said...

There is always snow in Colorado.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I'd just like to say thank you for being a friend, one that can disagree with me, and still be my friend. They, and you, are precious gems to keep forever! I'm glad your here, for me to bounce all my dumb ideas off. Thank you!!!

Happy New Year to you and Hubby, and may it find you with all your remodeling done!:)

Larry said...

Hope you have a better 2008 Betmo and Thanks for letting me hang out on your blog this year.

Happy New Year!

Brother Tim said...

Happy New Year, Betmo! Thanks for putting up with my comments here; and thanks for your kind and astute comments on my site. I believe if we all rise up and stand together, this could be a wonderful New Year.