Saturday, December 22, 2007

happy winter solstice

i have posted on the solstice here and here- but i wanted to take the opportunity to extend the spirit of the holiday season to everyone out in blogland. i am not celebrating this year. i personally don't see that there is much to celebrate. that doesn't mean i am not thankful for what i have and those warm relationships i have in my life. i recognize that there are folks out there feeling happy and cheerful and wanting to celebrate the season- and that's fine. we have another year ahead to face whatever we must face- and the new year is only a few days ahead. so- give yourself permission to enjoy or not- to celebrate or not. it isn't one size fits all- it is a time for rejoicing that winter is on the wane- we have reached the halfway point- it is a time for feasting and reflection and for being with whomever you love. let it be yours- not a preconceived, manufactured, obligatory concoction forced upon you by corporate or religious interests. have some mulled cider or rum and eggnog or some hot cocoa- and warm yourself on the longest night of the year. :)

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Jolly Roger said...

I'm very thankful for you and the rest of the Justice Sisters who are stepping up and howling for change. I have never seen so many women so engaged in the process.

I firmly believe that if the women in this society engage themselves fully in American politics, things will change here-and it will be for the better. Women make up the bulk of grade school teachers, nurses, and single parents. They understand better than most men do the hardships of juggling work and family, they've been in the bowels of the American healthcare system, and they are the ones seeing what does and doesn't work in the classroom.

I look forward to more women engaging themselves in the process. I'd be tickled to death to see more nurses and teachers actually running for office.