Wednesday, October 03, 2007

subject near and dear to my heart

i would love to see hate radio taken off by popular demand. as long as there is hate in human hearts- i know it is a dream. but- we can chip away bit by bit. let's give it a go and at least try and get blowhard limbaugh off the armed forces airwaves. i wouldn't mind seeing 'classy ann coulter' taken off as the rethugs' pinup girl- but i will settle for the continued denunciation of her racist and bigoted slurs. every little bit helps- as spocko can attest.


Larry said...

The Repugs are trying to push a bill to protect right wing talk radio, but no others.

Daniel said...

No hate radio? But, Betmo, most humans love to hate. Where will they go? They might start attacking people in the street!