Thursday, October 18, 2007

maine middle school to offer the pill

"Diane Miller said she felt the plan was against religion and against God. Another opponent, Peter Doyle, said he felt it violated the rights of parents and puts students at risk of cancer because of hormones in the pill."

while i agree with peter, diane needs to get some medication for her delusions. snarky? yes. mythology has no place in decision making.

article here


Sarah said...

Where exactly in the Bible does it say, "woman thou shall not use birth control!" Using the excuse "it's against God" is getting really old.

betmo said...

i think it's the whole 'be fruity- i mean fruitful- and multiply.' this is why the intelligent beings are dwindling in this country and the nutjobs are everywhere.

dawn said...

I think it's okay to offer high school kids the pill. These children are educated in these matters these days and if they can go to a clinic without their parents permission to get an abortion they should be able to get the pilll(with information of course). This is just my opinion but if it was the south alot of religious parents would be against it and would rather risk their daughters getting pregnant. So I feel they should have an informed choice

Sornie said...

While I think the age quoted may be a bit early it's better to have options as opposed to none at all.