Sunday, October 21, 2007

lights of hope in the darkness


rep. pete stark- avowed atheist- american hero


pelosi backs away from stark's criticism of bush


Scarlet Witch said...

Gotta love that Stark, eh? Oh, how peops HATE to be called on the carpet like that.

But, you know, Pelosi is busy pissing off the Turks and can't be bothered with this.

annie said...

Great post! I had high hopes for Pelosi, all dashed to bits. What a deceptive so-and-so she is.

As for Stark... love him!

Anonymous said...


Totally agree.

And I love your pic of Dennis in the sidebar!

The Future Was Yesterday said...


Just another way of telling the truth, just as start did.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Er...Stark, too.:)

John Good said...

It's encouraging to note that somebody out there still has a set!! ;)

Anon-Paranoid said...

I left Pelosi another voice mail and once again called her a Traitor. I also said to whomever checks the voice mail how it feels to work for Nazi's.

I said she needs to resign for violating her oath and that she should give the Decider a blow job and than perhaps she could put impeachment back on the table.

I also said to shut up about Stark and that 80 % of Americans agree with him.

I gues me bad...

God Bless.

Wally da Weasel said...

Boy, that Stark is one human that knows how to speak truth to power. As for 'Pliable' Pelosi, I would tend to question her humanity.;)