Monday, October 15, 2007

blog action day- environment

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

saving the planet has always been a mission of mine. i remember my first 'campaign' when i was 5 years old- and that was to save the harp seals. we made baby harp seals in class. yeah- we did. we made stuffed seals and i think i probably still have mine- the whole 'reuse' thing :) the next kickoff was the recycling wind that started as a breeze that gradually went national. i was all over it. but- i had no idea that there was such a thing as a 'global climate crisis.' i thought that the weather patterns would change again- because of el nino and la nina. little did i know.

then al gore did not get the presidency in 2000. he made the decision to devote himself to getting out the word about global warming. he won me over. i read and watched 'an inconvenient truth' and it spurred me on to researching more about the climate change and its effects on the planet. and--it changed the way i look at my life and my culture. we are a consumeristic culture and it is not a sustainable one. plastics and petroleums, oils and toxins- all are contributing to the demise of our planet and quite frankly, we can declare wars and kill each other over whatever issue we want- but we all do share the same planet. if we don't work to save it- we are all in the same boat.

in january, britain's meteorological office called for 2007 to be 'the hottest on record.' and indeed it was. anytime i looked at a weather map, it was bright red. here where i live we have been 10 to 20 degrees above normal since mid-july. discomfort is not the only issue with a warming planet. countries will have to contend with drought and famine which in turn will cause security issues in an already nervous world. rising sea levels would decimate coastal cities and towns- and force those folks to flee- causing more unrest. we don't have the luxury of debate. we have to start acting now.

it can start right in our own homes. i am a proponent of starting where you live because that is where you have the most control. we may not be able to force big corporate to change over to a more green way of operating- but we don't have to buy their products. we can change our way of doing things. making our homes and cars more energy efficient; changing our spending habits and how we buy merchandise; looking at packaging; supporting local green grocers and farmer's markets; composting- you get the picture.

it is going to take working together as a planet to save our home. we have to put aside petty differences and prejudices and work on the common goal of stemming the tide of global warming. we have to look beyond ourselves and our greed and into the future. even if we don't like each other- we love our children- and their fate- and the rest of humanity's -is in our hands.

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Donnie McDaniel said...

I'm back Betmo! I am firing back with both barrels. I see from the comment you made, you didn't see what happened. You can get an idea from my post I just put up. I will no longer just sit by and let people push us around. It's time for blogger combat.

Wingers don't want to have discussion, they just want to be strong but wrong. Just like the way they are attacking Al Gore again. It's all about the politics for them, and they care nothing about the planet. Being right, even when wrong, is what matters to them. They refuse to acknowledge when they are wrong.

Just make up new lies, or change the subject, and it will all be OK. They really think that denial will make it all go away. Pitiful!