Tuesday, October 16, 2007

2008 elections

my message to hillary's campaign:

Message: Received: 8/16/07
senator clinton. as one of your constituents, i want to first start by saying that i have voted for you twice in your bids for the senate. i think that you have been a fine senator for new york, and even though this is not your original home, you worked hard for us. having said that- i will say this- i have emailed you before about how upset i was that you decided to run for president. not because i don't think you have the skills, but because the congress needs you. obviously, you disagree. i think that you should know that i firmly believe that we should not be playing politics as usual and i know that you poll and have groups and what not telling you what to say and wear and whatnot. you don't need them. tell the truth and stop pandering to the political process. right n! ow the rank and file democrats are angry and feel betrayed by the idiocy going on in congress. we elected democrats expecting someone to be held accountable- and we have not only been disappointed in that regard, but bushco has continued unabated. anyway, i thought that you should know that i am voting for dennis kucinich in the primaries. while i realize the man has a snowball's chance in hell of winning the nomination, he has been consistent in his views and integrity from the start. i will vote for you in the election because i will be damned if another republican leads us further down the road to self destruction. know that we are watching you for results- and we have been very specific about what we expect. pelosi and reid have not delivered. i don't want to think about how they will feel sitting out the 2012 elections. good luck. bt

i finally got a reply: Tue 10/16/07

Dear BT,

Thank you for sharing your ideas with me. I am grateful that so many Americans are joining our conversation about the serious and complex challenges before us.

Working together, we will get our country moving in the right direction!



Hillary Rodham Clinton

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The Future Was Yesterday said...

Boy, she sure addressed your concerns in detail, didn't she? Bush Lite in pantyhose.