Friday, September 28, 2007

what the politicians don't want you to know about iraq

it has been a rough ride for me these last few years. there was a time when i was- while not a bright eyed idealist- a naive young person bent on saving the world. because back then- i thought i could one person at a time. it has become abundantly clear that that is not an attainable goal. now, i realize that what i thought my life was and my world was- was a fairy tale. reality is a cruel bitch. anyhoo, i don’t remember when i realized that the news was a propaganda tool for the right- but i now go elsewhere for the truth. onwards and upwards we go.

we all know that iraq is in shambles but it has only been recently that we have realized that america wants it that way. not only have we bombed away the iraqis homes, businesses, families, etc. but we have taken away the very soul of the country. we allowed looting of their national treasures and now- we are taking away the food lifeline they have cultivated for centuries. they had a culture; they had national pride. yes, they had a brutal dictator. but look at us. we have the march towards dictatorship without the pride or the culture. who are we to be ‘the deciders?

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Larry said...

Sadly enough we are not only marching to a dictatorship, but in a running sprint.