Wednesday, September 05, 2007

it is a conundrum

here's my question- it's a real stumper-

it is common knowledge that the republicans/neocons/religious zealots want a world where everyone knows their place and does what they are told. they want people in the upper tier to run things and the rest of us to be the great unwashed masses to serve them- or god- whichever the persuasion. that's not the question- hold on.

if they 'win,' who do they suppose will run things? if you have most of the people used to following orders and doing what they are told, it will take all of the upper tier to tell them how to do their jobs- i have a feeling that that will cut into their plotting and planning world domination at the very least.

i was curious about that because it seems to be a real problem. the liberals get the blame for the schools churning out zombies- but i couldn't help but notice that the religious schools do too. not to mention all of the rethug zombies and trolls out there. oh- sorry- the party faithful. my husband is running into this at work. former army man worked in manufacturing most of his life. decides to go into the world of finance. sigh. can't even run a meeting because he doesn't have anyone telling him what to put into the agenda. i ran into it with recent college grads. one "kid" of 25 couldn't even use a can opener. it isn't efficient for the boss to have to stand over the employee who was hired to do a job- to tell them how to do the job. might as well do the job myself- but the boss doesn't get paid to do it. critical thinking isn't the norm in america. we don't encourage it- we encourage mediocrity; blending in with the crowd. forget about globalization for a moment- how can we even get a burger? if the person at the register has to multitask, or make an executive decision to offer a discount- forget it. you are in line forever.

so- how is the pnac plan of doing away with 'librals' and the critical thinkers going to benefit anyone? we have seen how effective their way is.


Brother Tim said...

The Neo-cons are like a tank full of guppies. When the little ones are gone, they'll start feeding on each other. That's the idiocy of 20% of this country. They haven't come to the realization that they're next.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Short answer: by rote. That can be taught. Most of it is already there. Pictures on the keys of the cash register at all fast food joint. Pictures of the food beside the menu choices. You don't order a burger, fries and shake, anymore. "I'll have a #1, please."

landsker said...

Neo-cons and their ilk have always shown an interest in eugenics, or population control.
Not being able to converse intelligently with working class people, they use war as an instrument of division.
Actually most wealthy people do seem to percieve themselves as being "of another class", poor fuckers.
Not to worry too much, there can`t be many more americans willing to enlist and die for George, can there?

JollyRoger said...

The wingnuts aim to create a society of serfs. Serfdom requires that you stop thinking. Towards that goal, the educational system in this country has been gutted, and you better believe the Goppers had a huge hand in that.

When I was supervising a few years back, the kids I had the most problems with were Chip and Buffy, who were supposedly from "good" schools. They can't wipe their own asses without being told how far up to wipe. I despaired of ever getting suburban kids who could function.

My MIL, however, still talks about "good" schools as a criterion for deciding where to live. Having seen what "good" schools produce, I just laugh at her every time she starts that shit. I live in a not-so-well-to-do city and I have my daughter in an alternative school, which is EXACTLY what I'd do if I lived in one of the cookie-cutter burbs. The difference? My house and tax payment sizes are considerably less than the MENSA candidates who fork over the money to live near those "good" schools.