Monday, September 10, 2007

happy monday

i have had my 2 obligatory morning cuppas and am getting ready to start the day. i have had much time to think these days- about the world; about blogging; about writing scintillating posts day after day :) some days i enjoy sitting down and typing and coming up with good stuff. well, good in that that is the feedback i get :) other days i can't. i have a feeling most folks feel that way too. i know a few folks have given up blogging and i do respect that. the fighter in me can't. the folks who are currently in charge don't like bloggers- why? because it is solidarity. it is banding together- like they try to discourage in real time by arresting folks and making you get a permit and putting you 10 blocks from the site of protest. bloggers stick together. we share information. we share ideas. we commiserate and celebrate- and we are the seeds of the resistance movement. we raise money and organize communities. if we walk away, that is acquiescing to the very people we claim to be fighting. take a break. recharge. re-evaluate strategy. but don't give up. we are the ones who are going to lead the way for future folks to fight these people. we may not win short term- or maybe we will get lucky- but we can never give up. they can take our bodies but they can never take our hearts and minds. as long as there is one blogger telling the world what is really going on here- the constitution and its ideals will live. we don't have to be constantly angry to write good stuff. we can be vulnerable and weary and despairing. but we have to be strong. we have to pick ourselves up and dust off- and continue to resist. that's what americans do. we think for ourselves. we fight tyranny. we defend our constitution. we just have to start thinking outside of the box. so- blog. blog sadness and joy- blog fire and brimstone- blog peace and love. but blog the solidarity and blog the reaching out to other people from america and around the world. they can't take us all out.


proudprogressive said...

Hi Betmo, This is my first time here, i found a helpful link U left at Reconstitution and incorporated it into a post - The veg go learn something everyday.
Thats the part of blogging that is most satisfying.

I also visit Sirens Chroncicles lately. What a group of gals.
Being a new blogger, a crappy writer..meanderig all over the place havubg weajmy computer skills BUT its not gonna stop me. There are things to say. Even if no one reads em.

Gotta say Thanks for the Way you caps and stuff..its good to see that.
My blog is only 6 months old. though it does have 72 posts. There is a team but lately they aren't into much. Thats ok, i have more time than they do... "Whatever". you know ? My rule is to try not to compare myself to others..makes me get a complex..yep.

My adventures in the blogesphere , the micro blogoverse have given me pause. Blog wars and people that take this shit so seriously..jeebus. Seriously rediculous..but human.

But i agree with you - for those of us that have the time. We are sowing the seeds of resistence. Perhaps its on a quantum level we cannot percieve.

Anyhow the Happy Monday post was just what i needed today - I am hoping that Mirth of Liberally Mirth, and Jood open up their blogs again soon..i miss em.

Right now there are so many seeing the Dems as they really are vs. how we wish they were. that there is a real chance for a NEW party to emerge..down the road. This will take organization. Me i have been a Green for awhile so its not such a shock as its been for some.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

what a rousing post for a monday, b. I know I am one who has not devoted much time to blogging lately. I am not sure why. I am still as angry, but not as hopeful maybe. that is bad. that is very bad.

I no longer have the confidence in our country that I used to have. that we will fight the tyranny--we (as a nation (electoral controversy aside)) re-elected bush. I no longer think that good will triumph over evil most of the time. corporations are exporting jobs to china and sending us toxic products to pollut our bodies and environment. the war in Iraq rages on and nobody seems to know what to do.

sigh. I hope it is just a phase, but I still feel the hopelessness I have felt through most of the summer.

one bright spot is you and your blog. please do keep going.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"the fighter in me can't."
Told ya so:P Teasing aside, we have two very simple choices: keep trying in the face of what looks like hopelessness, or just lay down, close our eyes, and wait to die. Some have made that choice. So be it. If we are able to pull this thing out of the fire, those folks won't thank us for our efforts, nor should they. Our efforts need to be for ourselves.
"they can take our bodies but they can never take our hearts and minds. as long as there is one blogger telling the world what is really going on here"
That sums it up as well as it can be said. Not everybody is going to be Kos, or needs to be. Everybody just needs to keep saying their piece, shouting it, screaming it. We're not dead yet!

JollyRoger said...

You do fine. We all fire the scattergun, and wait to see if we hit anything. The important thing we're ALL doing is making people aware of things they would never discover if they waited for the Chimpromised MSM.

I have tried to step outside my normal parameters lately with more philosophical stuff. But the rock thrower in me is far more comfortable flogging the Chimp and his idiotic worshipers.

Chuck said...

I like the way you write and (surprise!) the things you write Betmo!

Solidarity. Absolutely.

"If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately."

---Thomas Paine

Give me the King George our founders stood against any day. Just don't give me those poor people's conditions. What if they had given up?

Larry said...

Good post and much needed at a time so many are getting discouraged.

We lose when we stop fighting, and blogging is the mode of fight we currently have.

Time said...

Appeal to common sense and humanity.

If one can reach that point, all that's been happening, becomes clearly absurd.