Tuesday, September 18, 2007

the big picture

i think too often we focus on one thing at a time because- well, it's just easier to deal with. take the iraq war and the afghanistan war and the palestinian/israeli thing- it's pretty much the same quagmire- so we tend to focus on getting the hell out of there period. easier than thinking about what is going on right here. not to further depress anyone, but just about everything here is broken. our way of life is gone- whether we want to admit it or not- precisely because everything is broken. sorry to pick on one particular group but hey, if the shoe fits... the baby boomers have screwed us big time. they have managed to take a thriving country inherited from their post-depression folks- where america was a power to be reckoned with- and turn it into shit. thanks. but don't take my word for it. look around your own neck of the woods. look at your infrastructure and whatnot.

9/25/06- voodoo debt and the coming recession

8/13- credit problems are too big for feds

8/20- central banks are stealing from average citizen

9/10- bush, bernanke and the bad bailout

9/17- bank's dark 'off-balance sheet' world

i have a feeling that there is a coming recession and it isn't going to be pretty. you can't keep robbing peter to pay paul in real life without something coming home to roost. did i throw enough of those sayings in? we all know that this country as a whole is in debt- it's in the trillions now. let us not forget that millions of regular americans are in debt too. i doubt that their creditors will be as nice as the fed's. prepare as best you can is all i'm saying.

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