Wednesday, August 22, 2007

joy; pain; sunshine; rain

i have been trying to get around and read these days- i haven't been in the mood to really write. life has a way of getting you down- if you care about what is going on in the world around you. i read enigma's blog regularly- although i don't always comment- because she has a way of looking at things in a real way, but she is gentle and compassionate about it. so, i read her two most recent posts this morning- and you should too- and i had a mini epiphany.

some folks feel that i pass judgment- and i suppose i do. some folks probably feel that i am a mean mouthed bitch- and i am probably that too. but the one thing that no one can say is- that i don't feel anything. i am aware at all times of what is going on around me. i let myself feel the overwhelming grief that wells up when i think about the time when my mom won't be here. i feel the pain of the families whose sons and daughters won't be coming home- or coming home in incomplete pieces. i feel the worry and sense of urgency about the arctic ice cap melting into the sea. i feel the frustration over people who aren't concerned at all about anything. and yes, i feel contentment and joy sometimes. i laugh out loud and i marvel at nature. i feel.

when did feelings become overwhelming? were we told so? why are we taking so many anti depressants and pain pills and self medicating? part of being a complete person is feeling. it is what separates us from other mammals. it is our soul and our being. who told us it was wrong to feel anger and pain? it is our striving for eternal happiness and euphoria that is killing us. so put this on the list of things to do today-- feel something.

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Larry said...

Excellent thoughts.

If we ever lose our feelings about life and people, we become another monster like resides at 1600 Pennsylvsnia Ave.

We all express our emotions in different ways.

You are fortunate enough to express your emotions in a way that we all feel.

That is one reason I visit here everyday.

And others do as well.