Tuesday, August 07, 2007

i'm back

i have been on hiatus for a variety of reasons- which i not so eloquently described between gasping for breath and sweating my ass off. i hate summer. that's really it. some folks are really into it- i'm not and i never have been. anything craptastic happens in summer. there is heat and humidity and bugs. i hate all three. hubby hates the beach with its sun and sand. i just hate the heat. when i was younger i hated summer because i liked school and summer meant not being in school. yeah, i know- nerd alert. i lived out in the country and i didn't get to see my friends in the summer because none of us lived near each other. i would count down the days until august or september- depending on whether we were living in florida or new york- and i got to go back to school.

so, i haven't been keeping up much with the news. i read the headlines and it doesn't look like much has changed. the only good thing about august is most of the pols- bushco included- go on summer vacation. perhaps we can all have a respite. i have been giving much thought to our current situation- and as much as i dislike the democrats- i feel it is imperative we get more rethugs out of congress. if we have independent numbers, then let's go for it. if we don't, vote democratic. 51% majority is not enough to do anything other than bluster. the rethugs are boasting about how successful their obstructing has been. short sighted people. i really think that the core issues come down to:

1) who has the best environmental policies
2) who is for restoring civil liberties- including same sex unions
3) who has the best diplomatic and foreign policies
4) who has the best economic policies
5) who has the best education policies

sorry boomers- i could give a rat's ass about medicaid and medicare. i won't see any of it anyway and quite frankly, i am not keen on paying for anything for you all because of the mess you are leaving for me to clean up. so- you are not top on my list of priorities- deal with it. oh- and i hope you are saving for retirement. if not, que sera, sera.

i'm back :)


Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

Welcome back! :)

Yep, you didn't miss much... it's the same old crap in DC!

Sornie said...

It seems to me that August is the month when the heavy hitters in the 2008 race stop by The Daily Show where they'll try to figure out if John Stewart's questions will be ultra-serious or fun. Seriously, he has 4 candidates on this month. Always worth the watch.

American Aries said...

I can't stand Summer myself. I am eagerly awaiting Fall. It's not cool that my glasses fog up when I step outside because it's so darn humid!

Chuck said...



Welcome back!

No said...

see...medicare is important to me...I guess I'm getting up there, and you know...I think it is something to be concerned about.

betmo said...

no- it isn't important to me because it won't be affordable or around when i get ready to retire and get old. social security won't either. already it takes on average of 3 people to pay for one retiree- bushco changed medicare so that you have to pay big bucks every month into the system after you retire- and you have to go through private companies for supplemental coverage and the prescription plan. but if you don't have enough social security to cover it- that's ok- you can cough it up out of your own pocket. nope- not interested.

DivaJood said...

Betmo, I'm a Boomer who won't see Social Security even though I paid into it. Medicare is too insane to comprehend at all. My top five list:

1) who has the best health care policy
2) who has the best environmental policy
3) who has the best diplomatic and foreign policies
4) who has the best economic policies
5) who will restore civil liberties