Thursday, August 09, 2007

checking in

still playing catch up from the first part of the week. life is getting back into a routine but i realize that i am now gearing up for fall- and more projects. i think i am going to have to put myself on a schedule (gasp!) so that i can track what the heck it is that i am really doing. i am revamping the side bar a bit- i put all of my non-personal, informational links on magnolia. there's a tag cloud on the sidebar- and i am going to work on the tags to make them more user friendly. cleans things up a bit. you don't have to sign up or sign in to access the links. i am using delicious to keep up with current news that i find important or interesting- but don't have the time to actually post about. again, you can access the link without signing in or signing up- on the sidebar. my geeky computer friend is checking out lots of social sites and sharing info sites- so i will pass them along for you all to check out- when i get a chance to look at them myself :) in the meantime, check out the sirens- they are posting some good stuff over there. check out the forum too- it's a wee quiet in there right now- lot's of summer going on- but take a peek and tool around. the peace tree's own poetryman is published! so check it out on amazon.

the weather is a bit more tolerable here today- it was heinous yesterday. hot, hazy, and humid. today is beautiful so far- so get out and enjoy it!


Larry said...

Don't staw away too long, it is hard to get caught back up!

Glenda said...

Life can be so busy at times. I'm out of town training, so hope to catch up when U get back on Sat.