Tuesday, August 14, 2007

blog update

so- i have decided to undertake the arduous task of tagging all of my archived posts- from before the new blogger switch. i hadn't tagged them. sigh. there are alot of them :) i wrote some good stuff though :) i think what i may do when i am done is put the labels feature on the sidebar with the archives- and see if that is easier to search and find and what not.

also, chuck- my reluctant blog roll buddy (hee hee chuck) has figured a really easy way to read the actual blog from the blogroll:

click on grazr icon; pick your folder; pick your blog; click the arrow next to the post- and voila`! right there at the blog.

so onward and upward on our forays into trying new things. let me know if anyone checks out any of the other sites i mentioned in my previous post.

also- posted at the sirens today and poets for peace


Chuck said...

HA!HA! Not reluctant. Just change resistant (which means I think old). :)

Carol Gee said...

Congrats, betmo. Magnolia tagging is really good looking ahd user friendly: I checked out my current obsession - the "civil liberties" tag - and found your 16 previous posts on the subject, with neat little descriptions, etc.
Your new "cloud" will look interesting to your readers. It will be worth your effort.