Tuesday, July 17, 2007

tuesday post for peace

democratically elected prime minister al-maliki told reporters recently that america can leave iraq anytime now. poll after poll of the iraqi people tells the same story- they want us to leave their country. americans want america to leave iraq. greed is not a good reason to stay at war, but i have a feeling that's why we are still there years after being lied to by bushco. why else would we continue to stoke fires of animosity and hatred by being an occupying force? make no mistake, we are there as an occupying force. why else would we spend billions of dollars on constructing military bases and a fortress embassy compound in iraq? these buildings are built to last.

make no mistake, the current american regime- bushco and the corporate elite- are not interested in peace in iraq. they are not interested in anything other than profits now and profits in the future. there's a reason that halliburton moved to dubai. we, the people, cannot trust our government to do the right thing. we cannot trust them to make decisions that are in our best interest as a nation or as a part of the greater world. they are clearly out for themselves.

now is the time to fight harder to take back our country. we have unleashed a civil war in iraq, and there is no way to ever make amends- although we should spend our lives making the attempt. we have to be the peace that we seek and we have to fight for peace- as oxymoronic as that sounds. if we don't, thousands more iraqi civilians will die and/or be displaced. thousands of kurds will be killed or displaced by possible impending war with turkey. we have to care- because it is obvious that our fellow americans- the people in government- do not. peace in our time is possible- if we work together.


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