Thursday, July 19, 2007

peacechick mary meme to end all memes

"Since nearly everyone I visit has been tagged, here is what I propose: We hold a final runoff and select the Greatest Thinker of All Time (for the moment) and the Biggest Fat Ass Schmoozer. Now tell me you aren't lusting for one of those faabulous titles? All you have to do is write a post using two keywords (see below) linked to ending the war in Iraq. Our distinctive panel of judges will select the winners and post the results by the end of the month.



If you do a post, leave a comment and I shall ring the alarm, waking the judges from their stupor. Let the games begin!

P.S. If you don't have a blog and want to participate, put your "post" in the comment section."


once upon a time there was a little, little man who had a lust for power and oil. he didn't care about anyone or anything other than his power and oil, and even though it was destroying the birds and the bees and the planet at large, he wouldn't stop lusting. so, he invaded a country called iraq in order to grab even more power and more oil. he assumed that folks would throw flowers at his feet and that there would be a general air of partying and happiness. he thought wrong. the folks in iraq were understandably upset that the little, little man had come in and destroyed their land- once flowing with milk and honey (from all of the sweet little bees) and they started protesting the war- by blowing people up. the little man's constituents were also angry- because of his lust for power and greed, their bees were disappearing along with their civil liberties and constitution. so, the little man's own people turned against him and took the voting booths to cast their vote to end the iraq war. unfortunately, the balls disappeared with the bees.


Peacechick Mary said...

Definitely a contender - absolutely in the top tier. You have to have the most bees of anyone yet.

C-dell said...

Interesting do you think I can do it?

DivaJood said...

Not bad, Betmo. I like it. It's serious, has a good flavor to it, and uses lust and bees.

Look at mine and tell me what you think - I schmoozed more blogs, too.

Larry said...

Looks good Betmo.

betmo said...

c-dell- by all means- go to peacechick mary's blog.

sumo said...