Sunday, July 22, 2007

morning cuppa

it is a beautiful sunday morning here in upstate new york and i am only half way through my first cuppa joe. which means that my eyes- while not fully focused- can stay open on their own :) i happened over to the sirens chronicles- and is my wont- and demon princess is on a roll. she has 2 really hard hitting posts on the corruption that is bushco.

here and here

as i sat here drinking my coffee, i felt a bit of a wave of despair wash over me. now, i am usually a champion of the underdog, but at 20 something percent approval rating- and lower for other members of the cabal- i don't think i can support them. i am beginning to think that they won't be stopped. there have been so many brave souls who have stood up to these people to try to save this country- to what end? valerie plame got her ass handed back to her last week by a loyal bushie. they have successfully taken over all facets of government. even congress is thwarted by the reach. not that they had many balls or strategies to start with- but they only have a slim majority and i do know enough about the congressional branch to know that they can't do much with it.

every day that we are impotent, they grow stronger. they know that the country is not behind them. they know that there have been gop defectors. they know that the whole world is not standing with them. they outright lie.

and no one does anything about it. no one. and i am not sure why.

i don't have the answers. i am at a loss to explain why. i have mulled and mulled and the only answer i keep coming back to is that americans are apparently too self centered and self serving to not buy into bushco. we rank and file apparently don't count. power is apparently, a very addictive drug because once people get into positions of power- goddamned if they want to give it up. used to be that the ideal was- public service to the greater good. now- public service is a means to an end. we are in all sorts of trouble. machiavelli wasn't a nice man to role model.


Time said...

I don't understand your despair and confusion about why the American people won't act as you think they should. They may be wrong (I think they are) but obviously they think there is a problem, evidence, the 06' vote.

To expect the people to be as passionate as you are, or to believe the situation is as dire as you believe, is unrealistic. They obviously do not, and it's frustrating you and me.

The people also reject (don't have the stomach for) impeachment, censorship , bringing criminal charges, or admitting to themselves and the world that Bush and company are dangerous.

The best we can expect is that the people will voice themselves at the ballot box, which they have (06') and will again in 08'. Although that seems to little to late, it's a whole lot better than the blind faith they had in Bush and company five years ago. That is progress, just not as fast, or as far as I would like to see.

If we know that's where the American people are in their response, then our efforts are best spent working for and ensuring that the Democrats win a complete sweep in the 08' elections.

To that end I, just yesterday, joined the Al Franken team to defeat Sen. Norm (empty suit) Coleman in 08'. As History shows us, elections are the key to change in this country. It comes down to vote count in the Congress.

betmo said...

i don't know either time. you would think i would just let it go and accept- and most of the time i do. i just feel that bushco is an unstoppable train that won't derail. more and more keeps happening and they just keep doing- and there is no accountability at all. maybe exhaustion is a better word.

Larry said...

I think the people are so disgusted with both parties and their inaction, thst maybe they have given up.

I hope not, once you quit, the neocons totally win, and we lose any chance of redemption.

Dusty said...

Hey, I would hope that our Demon Princess's post would energize you into action..not despair m'dear friend.

I really think that is her intent and to educate those that are unaware.