Saturday, July 21, 2007

h/t to dizzi

found this gem over at the sirens forum:

al-quaida's man in iraq unveiled as fictional character

yeah. apparently, the white house press room isn't the only 'hollywood set' used by bushco- i can't help remembering the staged photo ops after katrina and before that- the staged q & a with troops in iraq. i have long contended- though perhaps not in print (i already take enough heat) that the bin laden tapes were created by bushco or at least bushco's intel. i think bin laden is in reality dead. he was ill- and i think that the fearmongerers want to keep the bogeyman out there to keep us in tow. too bad those halcyon days are over.


alaskababy said...

Yah those tapes... perfectly timed distractions.

Donnie McDaniel said...

There was also the staged event in Jackson Square after Katrina. When he went there to give a speech, the portable lights were turned on about 10 to 15 minutes before he went on. About 10 to 15 minutes after he left, it was lights out again. It was lit up to look like there was plenty of light and life in the area. It was lie.

I have seen New Orleans with my own eyes, and it is still a wreck. The last time I was there, the gas pump I was at didn't even light up. Many traffic lights are still out. I live about fifty miles away, and I can report that we are not okay. My first trip back to NOLA actually made my eyes water up. It broke my heart to see it. Never have I seen such utter destruction. I have lived through some of the worse hurricanes ever. Katrina and Rita topped them all. Andrew was a sissy when compared! But Bush is more destructive than any of those!! At least the storms pass after a while.

Larry said...

Every supposed terrorist big wig they have supposedly caught have been fictional.

betmo said...

kinda makes you wonder if there was an al quaida link to 9/11 at all, eh?