Wednesday, July 25, 2007

good while it lasted

time recently asked me why i was feeling despair over the state of affairs in this country. i still can't answer that question. there are many options that we, the people, have to take care of this mess- and we aren't willing to use them. we are too accustomed to thinking as law abiding, in-the-box kinda folks- and we don't want to see that our country is without a government. we don't want to see that we are without the constitution. we prefer to 'fight' for our country by protesting and voting and getting in touch with our 'congresspeople' who are clearly not interested. yeah. so, here we are waiting. waiting for what? waiting for the world to change? waiting until the next election when we should be able to breathe a collective sigh of relief- because it will be politics as usual right? hey, if you want to keep jamming your head up your ass- go ahead because as i see it, our way of life is over. we can never go back and make things the way they were- or should have been. many genies have been let out of bottles and our constitution- the bedrock upon which millions around the world used to base their notion of democracy- is gone. the grand experiment is over. many people don't see that. refuse to see that.

without clear sight, you can't see what needs to be done. you can't see the gravity of the situation. you can't see the road that must be traveled. so- here we are. america, whose economy and a whole lotta everything else, is inextricably wound with that of every other nation on the planet. when we go down, we are taking the world with us. looking at the fact that the executive branch- in collusion with the former and current legislative branch- has usurped every branch of our government-- unchecked and unfettered-- for 7 years, looking at that and at the hubris and arrogance with which they flaunt it- it gives me pause. do you know what it says to me? these people aren't stoppable. why? because we aren't willing to do what needs to be done in order to stop them- and they know it. their plan has moved forward in spite of the dems because they know that none of us will have the stomach to stop them. we get mad and we get frustrated- but we still feel the need to do things by the book. they haven't. not from day one. you can't stop evil by being nice.

therefore, this country is over. make no mistake, the folks who are in power are americans just like us. the world doesn't differentiate no matter how loud we squawk. the folks who are in power have infiltrated EVERY level of government- not just the feds. their plan was thought out and implemented over time. they planned for us. they planned for the protests- that's why you can't protest anywhere near the actual event and need a permit, etc, etc. they planned for the votes- re-districting, diebold, etc. they planned for every contingency because we are predictable. that's what the think tanks are for. these people blend into our society. they look just like you and me. they put their pants on one leg at a time. they are human beings. but they want power and they want money- and they want to belong. we aren't invited to the coffee klatch. good bye america. it was nice knowing you.


Time said...

I don't disagree with your evaluation of the situation, but it's not permanent.

New leadership will bring better government, investigation of abuses, accountability and penalties for those responsible, and a turn back on the bad legislation. It just takes a long time.

Just as one person (Bush) got us here, one person can take us out.

America is in a bad way, but it's not dead.

This is why I blame the American people, and constantly post about their apathy.

You can't expect the elected politicians to fix it, or even trust them to do it.

08' will be the turning point, and I don't see any other way to make it happen faster.

Impeachment, censorship, and criminal charges may make you feel better, but nothing will change until the power in Washington D.C. shifts, and Bush is gone.

I just hate to see you get so depressed about it all. Hope and a brighter future for America, is not dead.

I know it's serious, but you have to laugh about it once in a while, which is why I post cartoons all the time. Check out the cartoons I just posted.

enigma4ever said...

Please don't lose hope Betmo...please know with thousands of us working to save this country I KNOW we can...just like the 2006 Elections...we did it...WE did it....and we can do it again....

Time brought out many good points...and please know that many are talking about HOW Bad it is, and that needs to hapen so people see the Need for change...

sumo said...

I'm feeling the same as betmo right now. I've been one to encourage just like Enigma...but I'm on a down time right now.

Peacechick Mary said...

Just think how people in this country felt when 56,000 soldiers were thrown away into the private Republican war in Viet Nam. It was a crazy making time and we didn't have internet to connect us and we also got the same crap on the news as now. The big difference now, is that we are all hyper aware of every action, reaction and non-action on the part of our government. We know they are playing a mean shell game and we will stop it. It takes time to move mountains and it takes time to move a billion people to action. But, it will happen.

Undeniable Liberal said...

How depressing, yet true. Welcome to the one party fascist dictatorship known as the United States of Amnesia.

Larry said...

Things do look bleak and the worse it gets, the more Bush says you can't stop me.

America needs a revolution, but will the people stand up and fight!

Sornie said...

I, believe it or not, have some optimism deep within my cynical self. I think that there is still time to change things and hope that it won't take more that 20-30 years to reverse the damage of the past 6.