Monday, July 09, 2007

environmental monday- from my email

i found this to be interesting

One usually wears their gown only once, so why not make it disposable
The dresses were so spectacular we HAD to award more prizes. We gave Hanah Kim a $200.00 Second Place. The detail on her dress is incredible!
The judging was so difficult this year that we gave out THREE $50.00 Honorable Mentions. It is hard to believe that all of theses dresses are made from toilet paper...but they are.
Watch out Vera Wang!
Not only did we have more entries than last year...they just keep getting better and better. Everyone had a great time making their creations. Unfortunately we can't put all of the entries on, but here are just a few of the unbelievable dresses. Thanks to all the contestants!
Photos go from honorable mention to first place...


JollyRoger said...

For even BETTER conservation, make the marriage certificates of those "family values" Goppers biodegradable. I think that the certificates taken out by men like Giuliani, Gingrich, Thompson, etc. should be made of a manure-based parchment and inked with dyes made of soy. The manure-based parchment would (1.) amount to truth in advertising for these "family values" types, and (2) make a fine fertilizer for the flower bed when these guys jump in the sack with whoever the latest squeeze they have is.

alaskababy said...

they're gorgeous... that just blows my mind!

My $300 JC Penny gown... (horrid lace, surprisingly good cut) got worn by two other sisters. The five oldest all shopped and pitched in for it w/the understanding we'd all wear it but somewhere along the way the other sis's developed "taste"... heheh.

At that point it became a popular neighborhood dress-up item for the younger batch of kids in my family and their neighborhood friends. No idea what happened to it from there. It's probably laying in some landfill, the horrible plastic looking lace impervious to everything but nuclear explosion...

Peacechick Mary said...

What a great idea! You can get married and blow your nose at the same time. Ha! Seriously tho, Well done and intelligent.

Bobby Bittman said...

Geeze, I better take one of my future ex-wives to get one of these TP gowns.