Friday, July 27, 2007


i generally don't endorse folks- because inevitably, it bites me in the ass. take unity 08 for example. i have no idea why they are doing this 'cultural study' or whatever it is but reconstitution posted about it here

apparently, it is politics as usual


dawn said...

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Larry said...

In wouldn't endorse this mess if they were the only ones. Read what they are about and who they exclude, it is very telling.

Sewmouse said...

I don't quite see how this is so "telling". They are obviously looking for something that would be best answered by people who belong to familes that have been in this country more than one generation.

Someone on the other blog made a comment about how it excludes "brown" people. Hmm. I know of a lot of both hispanic AND african-american people who belong to families that fit the criteria.

You know - if you want to get an answer from people who have high blood pressure, it's usually a good idea to ask for INPUT from people who have high blood pressure, and exclude those who do not. In a similar vein, it's rather foolish to ask folks for generations-old family recipies for Lasagna and Chicken Parmigana if their family heritage is not Italian - eh? Sometimes being selective is NOT being racist.

Since they do not specifically state what their primary goal is in studying this specific segement of American culture, it seems somewhat premature and prejudiced to suggest that they automatically have nefarious intentions.

They may, of course, but without more information, that's kind of hard to say - and foolish to presume.

betmo said...

sewmouse, you are, of course, correct in what you say. thanks for the reality check :)

JollyRoger said...

One of our commenters answered the "intentions" part of this pretty convincingly.

I'm inclined to give it some weight, since the guy is a marketer by profession. The group is designing an outsome. Conclude what you will about the design.

JollyRoger said...

We're getting quite the freeping, supposedly from people not connected to Unity '08 (although to be fair, one of them admitted who he was.)

I quote the Scabber's most excellent response here.

Sorry, Bob, (and here I quote Bill O’Reilly for the first time ever) not buying it. You shouldn’t need a marketing research group to shape your message for subsets of Americans, those who have been here for generations and those who are new arrivals (a.k.a. Latinos). Either we’re all Americans or we aren’t. You are saying that some citizens are ‘more American’ than others and that is just plain ol’ discrimination however you want to dress it up.

If you can’t tell everyone the same story, if you are telling some people one story and others another, why should you be trusted on anything??

One time registered Republican, Independent/Non-partisan for the last 27 years.

Right you are Scabber, right you are.