Tuesday, July 17, 2007

defying all logic

"It isn't pretty. In fact, the Washington Post should have put some kind of warning on the piece for pregnant women, heart patients, and anyone with an allergy to bullshit. And if the pipeline from Kristol to the White House works the same for this piece as for "precipitous withdrawal," the country is in even worse shape than we thought."

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Peacechick Mary said...

I had to eliminate Billy Krystal Meth on orders from my Dr. Billy is a killer.

Larry said...

This blowhard has spewed all the hate and venom, coupled with his arrogance into being one of the top 5 neocons in America.

We are in sad shape.

Daniel said...

Aren't there enough small rooms in America with lockable doors and padded walls to put all of these loonies in?

Where do they come from? How do they get into positions of power?

Confused from Down Under.

betmo said...

daniel, i am still trying to figure that one out. i have no idea how people believe in people like this. i mean all of the corrupt folks share like minds- but their minions are brainwashed, fairly bright young people. huh. sound familiar? makes you wonder a whole lot about the racial profiling on planes now don't it?

Thorne said...