Saturday, June 23, 2007

whuppin' my ass

add 3 more- we have 4 doors and 4 hand rails to paint

3 sets of stairs and 3 landings

the hallway to hell

i hate ceilings- and these are in bad shape- and i am short

molding and wainscotting abound- not to mention 2 windows

crappy ceiling.

i should have taken a picture of the craptastic layers of really old wallpaper that lurked beneath the wall to the right of the smoke detector. that took two days to scrape with the aid of fabric softener. home improvement enthusiasts beware! what starts out to be a run of the mill project- can turn deadly in minutes!! there are also 2 alcoves to paint. sigh. we are taking tomorrow off- and will resume at the end of next week when the temps won't be in the 90's. today it took us 7 hours to put one coat of primer on all three floors. i rolled and my buddy brushed. i started on the third floor and she started on the first. we passed each other on the second- and we finshed at the same time. sigh. let's just say that betmo cursed quite a bit- on the inside and the outside.


Mariamariacuchita said...

I have painted many houses I have lived in, and it is hard, tiring, grumpy smelly work. My condolences, betmo~

sumo said...

Hey...I'm right there with the wallpaper off and the chipped old paint and crappy plaster...I could go on!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I don't mind painting TOO bad, but that other stuff....the prepping and all....screw that noise!

My FIL inherited his Dad's house when he died. It took FIVE of us, working ten hour days for a week, to get the damn wall paper off!! That thing must have had ten or more layers! Now when I see wallpaper, I start twitching.:)

Peacechick Mary said...

Something that made is slightly tolerable for me are audio books. Otherwise, the work is so mind numbing and muscle wracking that I can't bear to even think of it. With the audio book, I get so deep into the book that there I times I don't want to quit until I hear the ending.

betmo said...

well, mary- there was a certain rhythm to my cursing :) does that count? :)