Friday, June 29, 2007

open thread friday

in my travels around the blogosphere this week- i have been constantly amazed. i have tried to keep up a bit more with the 'news' this week- and no surprises there- it has been a wee depressing. not that i think news should be entertainment for shits and giggles- but please. i admit to a certain amount of ongoing frustration that the untouchables in the executive branch remain so- but i think my main frustration is for fellow lefty bloggers.

now- this will probably have a lot of folks coming here and telling me that we need to stick together- we can't afford dissension in the ranks- but i beg to differ. i am not one to be shy calling out shit- so here goes- the left needs to stop trying to be the right. seriously folks. the status quo thinking; the use of the same strategies; the thinking in the same box- we may have different labels but regressive thinking is regressive thinking.

i think what frustrates me the most is the notion that we have to stick together no matter what. while that gives me warm fuzzy feelings- it is also pack mentality that oozes over from the right. what has undoubtedly lost us countless elections- but has set us apart in the past as a thinking party- is our dissension. our ability to THINK outside of the box. i don't intend to be rethuglican light. i will reserve that for the hillary supporters. i can only hope that the left- as a collective whole- gets its brains back. otherwise, the brains will defect and form their own party. seriously.

so- i am asking you to not think the way that the corporate media wants you to. don't follow the patterns set out for us by the politicians. let's think outside of the box; get our news from real news sources; vote for candidates that don't tow the party line and come out packaged and shiny- let's be thinking people. can we stop with the defensive attitudes and take constructive criticisms? can we use proactive strategies rather than reactive? will we take the time to make changes in our own lives in order to inspire others to do the same? or will we continue to devour our own until there is only one party left? the dictator party?

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Sornie said...

Wise words. I agree that the best way to go is free thinking and individuality and I wish I could tackle politics head on like I did before the November election but it feels hopeless to keep writing about it day in, day out. I still care but at times it's just too easy to take another path and let others do the heavy lifting. I know, though, that as the 2008 election comes closer I'll get back into the groove.