Friday, June 22, 2007

open thread friday

the storm wasn't bad- just some thunder and rain- now it is really cool. trust me- i am not complaining one bit. we have been having more severe thunderstorms around here lately- thunder, lightening, high winds- so i don't look forward to the warm weather.

i was thinking about taking things for granted. i read the latest issue of national geographic. it was about ending malaria worldwide and about otzi the iceman. apparently, he was murdered. a stone age rub out if you will. he didn't set out on his journey expecting to die (or maybe he did) and millions of people around the world live in horrific conditions. that's only part of my point. i looked at the pictures of where people live when they get malaria- and i am even more thankful that what i am worrying about is getting old wallpaper off an old stairwell.

in the western world, we have beautiful places to live and to work and we have creature comforts all around. we have effectively controlled and contained malaria for decades. i realize that i am rambling- haven't had my cuppa yet- i just find it mind boggling that we take for granted that life will always be this way. our climate is changing. our main fuel source is drying up. the rest of the world is slowly developing and looks to us as a standard for what to have. we take our families and what's really important for granted. that is a luxury in a world where most parents lose their children before age 5. most grandparents are dead before age 65. many of the folks in between are riddled with diseases that we, in the western world, have controlled for decades.

we also take for granted our infrastructure here in america- at least. many of our cities and towns are aging- people and structures- and we are not caring for either. my small city needs new underground piping to carry water and gas and sewage. we need road repair and sidewalks and curbs. but- people don't want to pay much for these services and are surprised when they get the bare minimum. i am not advocating tax, tax, tax- but realistically, we pay some of the lowest taxes in the world. that is a luxury at the expense of others in the world who live in conditions quite less luxurious. so- if you have it- i don't begrudge you necessarily. i think we all can do with less- but i am not a socialist. just don't take things for granted and truly appreciate what you have and where it came from. think before you consume and throw away. don't take the earth or this country for granted. and prioritize. spend quality time with the fam while you have them.


dawn said...

Sorry I couldn't be there to scrape the paper with you. Have a great weekend

Aaron A. said...

Yes we are Fortunate,
Yet some would argue complacent.

Chuck said...

Yep. We need a good slap in the face (and I'm talking collectively) and I believe we're on the verge of receiving it.