Thursday, June 14, 2007

a nation's infrastructure

as many of you know, a woman died this week in LA- in an emergency room. while most of us are disgusted and outraged-- rightly so-- we still have access to health care at decent facilities. many don't. i have no faith in the medical system nor the pharmaceuticals because i have first hand experience for both. i won't take anything more than over the counter meds and the occasional antibiotic because i have seen what greed has done to medicine in this country. we hear all of the time about new life saving procedures and medicines and surgeries- but for who? my mom bought into trusting the medical system- indeed, i encouraged her to go to the doctor because she is ill. never again. she was treated shabbily because she had no insurance- and thus wouldn't be able to afford any expensive testing- and given medications that were recalled as harmful. i had gynecological issues for years and no one could tell me why or what to do. why? because research isn't done on many women's issues. my brother-in-law's mom died because she was having a heart attack and went to the emergency room- where she was examined and told to make an appointment to see her doctor on monday. by monday- she was dead.

no- i have no faith in the medical community in this country. this country who belittles and maligns the country of cuba. cuba who has some of the finest doctors in this hemisphere and exports them to poor countries all over the globe. doctors who brought castro back into the land of the living when he was at death's door as a man in his 70's. but they are the bad guys right? we as a collective nation have had much growing to do- and i think people are paralyzed by taking off the rose colored glasses. we are acutely aware that our indifference and reliance on others to pay attention to details- has come home to roost. now-- what are we going to do about it? are we going to remain immobile and in shock? or are we going to rise up and do something? america has the reputation of being a nation of action- will we live up to that in a good way?


Chuck said...

Sad stories. It is all about the cash. Plain and simple. And we might as well call it what it is:
Socialism versus Capitalism.

And you're right- anything that doesn't "boil down" to the dollar is an act of the enemy.

The "middle class" in this country is much better off financially than I am, but I've got news for them- according to the rich, THEY'RE POOR.

I worked 80 hours a week for 20 years. For what? The elite would think that because I'm not wealthy I must be stupid. I must be.

My children were well cared for and were raised properly by their stay-at-home mother. HA!

Chuck said...

I forgot to add:

The doctor, nurses AND that 911 dispatcher should be convicted of, at least, manslaughter and be imprisoned. The family of that woman should own the hospital and a memorial to her should be built on the hospital's front lawn.

Dusty said...

Good to see you post on Edith Rodriguez's death in L.A. and tie it in with healthcare and Big Pharma.

I am one of the 45 million uninsured. I also have 3 blown discs from a work injury rec'd 15 months ago. While workers compensation covers my back, and I use the word 'covers' loosely, I have personally the experienced shoddy treatment and the side effects of taking medications that many times do more harm than good.

Michael Moore's movie is coming out at a great time...and I hope it kicks everyone in the ass when it comes to Big Pharma, The healthcare industry and how they only care about profits..not healing the sick.

dawn said...

B you know I love you but Cuba is no example. I have extensive knowledge on this subject. If you spoke to the cuban people they would tell you that the rich get wonderful medical care and the rest suffer. They had an editorial in the daily news last week. The reporters sister is a doctor in Cuba. She lost her leg 20 years ago and still uses crutches because they would not or could not get her a prothesis. She treats the poor with out much. Michael Moore is an upstart and I like some of his stuff but this cuba myth is a lie. My husbands family still lives there and it is not fun for the average cuban

betmo said...

dawn- i will defer to you on this one. thanks :)

dawn said...

I love you B

Peacechick Mary said...

I'm with you on avoidance of the medical industry. There are only a few things I will see a Dr. about - infections being one of them. My daughter is a nurse and will not work in a hospital or for a Dr. - she does hospice work where things are a bit more on the side of compassion and care.

landsker said...

There is no reason why the U.S. couldn`t plan for universal health care, I`m not sure, but I think Canada has one, Russia too.
The Germans, back in the nineteenth century came up with the principle of keeping their nation "in working order".

Petrol here in Europe costs around $7-10 per gallon, but we have both "private", and state run health care systems.
In some ways it is archaic, prone to exploitation and even corruption, but you can get it all, from paediatrics, to podriatics, even psychiatric care through the "National Health Service".

Doesn`t Kucinich propose a state controlled healthcare system? It would be a good move.

C-dell said...

I agree hospitals are business, and that is wrong, But I still encourage people to go to the doctor. It is better to find out that something is wrong. I don't know maybe I am not in the right position to comment on this, I know that people have problems and that they are ignored, but I would rather know. My words are not coming out right I think. Yes the medical system is screwed up, but at least going to fing out what is wrong is still your best out.Hope that came out right

Thorne said...

The AMA sucks, and don't even get me started on so-called "managed care"! My girlyboi put a nail from a naol gun through her hand today. Chipped the bone. *sigh*

betmo said...

c-dell- i know what you are saying. it is better to go and be checked out- if you are able to get the care. we must do something.