Friday, June 29, 2007

i chunky dunk- not skinny dip

American Aries: Ruby

which is ok- because that has been my lifestyle and i have the body to show for it. hubby and i are fairly sedentary and we enjoy eating- so there you have it. we are working now on getting healthier- not skinnier. it isn't easy. i love ice cream and chocolate- and i am giving them up next month. no- it isn't lent :) i want to prove to myself that i can do it- and i want to relegate treats back to their proper place- as treats. having said that- i think media needs to get with the program- and this ad is right on. there isn't anything scary about seeing a fat woman or fat man. it is a wee bit gross- which is why i don't look at myself naked- but it isn't scary. traumatized indeed.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

except for the red hair- that's me :)
Nice Boobs! :)

i love ice cream and chocolate- and i am giving them up next month.
Oh Jesus! There'll be some smoking posts on here for a while!:)

That kid that was traumatized. Does she ever take a bath? Naked? In a word, Bullshit!!

enigma4ever said...

trauma...hehe...we are what we are....we are real women with all that comes with it...take ot leave it....ever since Asscroft covered breasts over at the JD I have worked hard to find beautiful naked women- all shapes and sizes and post them....I want us to remember Who we are and that we are beautiful...

Sornie said...

That phrase, chunky dunking, struck up a neuron upstairs and I remembered you using it last year, almost a year ago, when I described my own adventure known as "Operation: Naked Lake."

Daniel said...

Why don't the sack all those freaks in Hollywood? The real people are in the cinema audience!

Peacechick Mary said...

Even with the red hair, that's me. Ha! We are Weight Watcher fans here, mostly for the healthy lifestyle it teaches and you get chocolate and ice cream. It's sort of a support group for people who don't know how to live healthy.

As for skinny women as models for other women, I want to know when did looking like an 11 year old boy become the goal of women? Real Women Have Curves - a great movie, btw.

DivaJood said...

I am on Jenny Craig - and for me, it's a matter of health. Because of my liver condition, I was storing fat - so, combined with a love for food and a sedentary life, I was reaching dangerous levels.

So I am now down 15 pounds, and on Monday, will get my blood drawn again to test cholesterol and liver panels, and see how I'm doing. But I would NEVER give up chocolate to get healthy.


Pam said...

I am a big believer in the set weight point theory. Basically, you have a range of weight that your body wants to be and is comfortable at. You can diet all you want, but as soon as you eat a cookie or something - boom, you are back to your set weight. To be any lower than that weight range takes starving yourself and much more work than it's worth.

As long as you eat healthy and exercise (that getting healthier thing) don't worry too much about the chunky dunking. You can be fluffy and healthy at the same time!

Babzy said...

I was wandering around looking for a cookie and stumbled into your blog. Great posts and comments. I can't wait to "digest" more of your blog.

I heard chocolate is good for the heart.