Saturday, June 16, 2007

american duty

i found a great site for voting records of folk in congress- project vote smart. i feel that it is important to know how your reps vote- because it is the only way to know if they are truly representing you in congress. plus, it is going to be helpful in the primaries since quite a few congressional folks are in the running. take a few minutes and take a look. i am mulling over voting for ron paul if he wins the primaries. i don't agree with him on all issues- of course- but he is a solid civil liberties voter and that means a lot to me.


Larry said...

Thanks for the link. It is amazing what some of them have vote for, that their constituents would not approve.

Andrew MacRae said...

Hello, myself and many former project vote smart staff have set up a blog focussed on policy here If you want to set up a mutually linking situation please shoot me an e-mail