Saturday, May 05, 2007

why i'm glad that i am poor

ok- well, not really destitute poor- middle class i guess. i choose to live spartanly but comfortably (i like to make up new words too :). i am glad that i am not wealthy or affluent. why? folks dream of going out on the yacht and never having to work again and blah blah blah. but let's take a real look at the fabulously wealthy.

they are not nice. they expect people to do stuff for them because they have money. they expect to say and do as they please and you have to put up and shut up- because they have money. they don't share. they have to pretend to like people to their face and at various functions- and then stab them in the back to keep ahead. they have to lose all capacity for intelligence and then live in a fantasy world instead of reality. they have to isolate themselves from the world at large and only live and breathe with those of their own kind. they have the awesome responsibility of remaking the world in their image because they have money. they have to muddle through with the hired help these days- because good help is hard to find.

you get the idea. me- i can go outside in a pair of pants that have been bleached and painted and dig up my lawn for the sheer enjoyment of seeing live things grow. i can wave at my neighbors and smile- because i know where they live. i can hop in my car or walk down the block and not have a guard ask me how i am today- and i can drive with the windows down so that people can see me- and i can not care that my hair is windblown. i don't have to network or make small talk or care about people i don't like or agree with. i don't have to join an organization or country club to advance my husband's career. i can be my own person and not have to worry about my husband divorcing me- and me not getting his money (since we don't have any).

i kinda feel sorry for rich folks. they look like they are living high- but they have to work too hard to keep it. i'd rather have less and enjoy life more. plus- when i smile- my face doesn't crack :)


Peacechick Mary said...

Now that's a gooooood life!

Dizzy Dezzi said...

Here, Here! Pass the Spam whydontcha!

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

hey b,

you may not have money, but you are rich in so many other ways. you have a husband whom I can tell you really love, and I think aside from the political climate you are a happy person.

thanks for being a friend. wish I had more like you.


Granny said...

I couldn't find your email address so am thanking you here for your kindness.

We're doing okay. It's been a long struggle and for Carol it's ended.

alaskababy said...

I agree!

Chuck said...

Now there's an interesting way of looking at things.

You're unique Betmo. Good for you!

Brother Tim said...

You are oh, so right, Betmo. The wealthy have put themselves into a situation that they can't enjoy the little things in life, which in reality, are collectively, the BIG thing. But, I guess if your wealthy enough, who needs reality?

Sarah said...

Very cool - I was thinking the exact same thing this Saturday. I was cruising around with two good friends. It was free comic book day and we were having a blast stopping at all the local stores and picking up the swag they were offering.

The richness of the mind and heart are the two most important things you own.