Tuesday, May 22, 2007

tuesday post for peace

isn't this reason enough to stop this stupidity?

"Over 1,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed since three US soldiers were kidnapped in Iraq.
During that time, the predominant focus of thousands of US troops has been to locate those three soldiers.
What does this say to you about the priorities and ethos behind the Iraq War?"

this could be a fairly short post. it says to me what it has been saying to me from day 1- we shouldn't be there. the war is being handled like everything else in this country- poorly. millions of dollars are spent on a new embassy and new military bases in iraq- while homes and schools and businesses are destroyed. the infrastructure of iraq is crumbling, and we don't have enough armor for troops- but the priority is to find 3 soldiers. not that i am against the three- but how many other soldiers have been in that position and not found? what irks me is that this is a distraction and a publicity ploy- at the expense of our men and women in uniform.

here's the deal- i don't know if i am going to use the questions from one million blogs for peace anymore. it's a fine idea and i will continue to post for peace- but really. i would rather focus on what people are doing or ways we can work for peace- we already know why we shouldn't be there. we already know why we should bring the troops home. so- i am urging you to post ideas and results on post for peace tuesdays- and throw in the fluff too if you want.

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lynn said...

Saw this at Peace Train too, and think it is not a matter of knowing but the indifference about it.

DivaJood said...

I created my own topic today. I couldn't wait for theirs.

I recall, from the Viet Nam war, a slow desensitization to the numbers of dead; to the constant repetition of horrific images - it creates a kind of numbness. So today, I posted about a powerful symbol that can renew our quest for peace.

Laurie said...

What I'm truly sick of are the idiots who keep spewing that "Well, we're there now, so we have to finish the job" gradoo. Nevermind that we're slowing bleeding to death, militarily and economically, and that the draft is practically knocking at the back door.

Chuck said...

And the buildup is coming...

The troops in Iraq may double in numbers by Christmas. Forget those tiny little "surges".

With the lame Democrats (that we placed all of our hope in this past January) handing total power to noxious W, this is about to become way more of a disaster than it already is.

The little madman NOW KNOWS FOR SURE that his power is unchecked. The ass of Congress is now officially owned!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

From the persepective of a Vietnam Vet, I see so many identical things happening....

1)We got in a pissing match before we understood the enemy, and worse, made no effort to understand him.

2).We grossly underestimated the enemy and his abilities.

3).Our forces were, and are, completely incapable of fighting the kind of guerrilla war waged against us.

4.This war, as was Vietnam, is being "armchair quarterbacked" from Washington in total.

Those four things can spell nothing BUT defeat, as Vietnam so clearly showed. No war can be run from Washington; no war can be won without out first understanding how the enemy thinks, and fights, then matching his tactics.

But then, this war never was started with the intention of "winning." It was started Because I'm going to give those fuckers Christianity if I have to shove it up their asses!! They fought back, for the very same reason.

Somebody better give Bush a copy of the queeran, because "Muslimism" going up his ass big time on a daily basis!

sumo said...

It's such a muddle (the war) and I just don't understand why they don't get that! You'd think it would embarrass them...at least! And you are right...the little ones are the most important...and they should never have to be in the middle of it all.

Thorne said...

I like that idea alot, betmo. I missed this Tuesday, but hopfully I'll be able to somehow do both "peace" and "Tarot" on Tuesdays. A "twofer!"!!! LOL