Sunday, May 06, 2007

shoe's on the other foot now

apparently, rethug's panties are in a was over keith olbermann's objectivity. tough shit asshats. we have had to suffer for years with the likes of limbaugh and o'reilly- and now hannity- all professing to have cornered the market on punditry and news. you don't like it- change the channel. i have no sympathy for the right- i put the blame squarely on their shoulders for the debacle that is america these days. 12 years under reagan/bush and then 12 years under gingrich/delay and cheney. you can just deal with a little olbermann.


Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Now, more than ever, this country needs a canine theocracy.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

After years of being a KO fan/worshiper, it all came tumbling down when, after the Virginia Tech Massacre, he spent one entire show, showing, "reshowing", and showing again, the video of the horror, the killer's made me sick. It was exploitation at it's worst depths.

Later, NBC acknowledged that "showing the videos was an error in judgment." KO never made any such statement, or even gave passing attention to NBC's apology.

I lost count of the times "America Idol" was the #1 story on his "countdown."

"Objectivity" my dying ass! He has none. His interests are KO and anything KO does. He just happens to say what most of us want to hear, so therefore, we ignore the rest.

At one time, he was one of the only "impartial" journalists on TV. No longer. He is the Bill O'Reilly of the Left, and I afford him the same respect as I do O'Reilly.

Sarah said...

I think Olbermann, for the most part, can distinguish his personal opinions and his career as a broadcaster. He is much more rational than O'Reilly and he has a great sense of humor.

Renegade Eye said...

I've always liked Olbermann.

The Clinton presidency pandered to the right. He destroyed general assistance, bombed Iraq at will etc. He continued the Reagan legacy.

Daniel said...

Shame that broadcasters have to be so extreme. The term 'shock-jocks' is apt. Cheers!

bluegrrrrl said...

screw em.

i have no problem with olbermann dishing out his critique of the thugs on the right. imho, he is always spot-on. he does not make up crap and lash out in hate, as do his repukicon counterparts.

i agree with future's assessment of the coverage of v-tech--although i do not reserve that judgment for olbermann alone but for the media at large. nbc finally pulled back its "coverage", and that was an executive/corporate decision. now if we could just get them to do the same with all the other sensationalistic "stories" they obsess over.