Thursday, May 10, 2007


i am putting off doing whatever it was i had planned on getting done today. i hate being lazy but i don't feel like doing my work either. is that spring fever? or summer vacation daydreams? haven't decided yet. supposed to rain today- so it's humid and quite warm- supposed to be 80 degrees or so. bit warm for this time of year- but a week ago we were too cool. go figure. so, there it is. good god! i don't know if these cats outside are fighting or mating- but i wish that they would stop it. 6 am this morning- right outside my window and now again. this is why you should have your cat spayed or neutered and keep it inside. don't get me started on irresponsible pet owners. it drives me nuts.

anyhoo, i do really have to get going- i intend on getting my bathroom cleaned and everything outside watered. then- perhaps i will read something mindless and entertaining. or not :)

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dawn said...

I say go and relax and have a margarita on me