Thursday, May 17, 2007

moderate voices are not welcomed

how far to the right do you have to go to be considered rethuglican these days? apparently, ron paul didn't get the memo. in case you haven't heard of congressman ron paul, he is the one being smeared by the neo con cabal of 'presidential' candidates in the most recent round of "debates" (aka rhetoric hours). what was it that has GOP leaders from all over jumping down this man's throat and the left blowing kisses in his direction? what was it that has the right circulating petitions to ban this man from future debates?

my guess is for the same reasons that they are so hot and bothered by my congressman's- maurice hinchey- sponsoring legislation that would force the FCC to enforce 'the fairness doctrine' in broadcasting. ron paul told the truth about america's foreign policy debacles and how they helped to contribute to the level of hatred that brought about 9/11. at no time did he say that americans were to blame for the attacks- but the rethugs- especially giuliani (aka america's 9/11 hero mayor of the century)- want you to think that he did. giuliani wasted no time pouncing and apparently, capitalizing on the misconstrued remarks, and as usual, the MSM spread the falsity instead of the real thing.

read the remarks-- here

i don't know ron paul- and i am not endorsing ron paul for president. i can honestly and truthfully say that i will never, ever in my life vote right wing. but, the man got shafted. he is a moderate rethug in a crowd of piranhaic neo cons and i have a feeling that he got eaten alive. these 'people' stop at nothing to advance their agenda of hatred and lust for power. romney wanted to 'double guantanamo' in a hypothetical '24' like situation. i cannot imagine him working for peace or a sensible solution to the debacle in iraq.

here is ron paul- using his own words in a 2003 speech in the house:

transcript (thanks to peacechick mary and sumo merriment)


Chuck said...

As I recall, Ron Paul was the first person to speak out against the "Patriot Act".

He actually told people how the bushbots finally got it pushed through at 2 AM on the Senate floor. He had asked for hard copy so he could read it before voting on it. This pissed off the neo-cons, who have since blackballed him. A hard copy of that bill was never provided to him or anyone else before the vote. The train wreck in the oval office had ordered it passed.

He's definitely in the wrong party. Speak out against these criminals and you're done.

Chuck said...


(same thing anyway)

thepoetryman said...

Good to see you supporting Ron Paul. The only man to speak from his soul and with wisdom. The other neocon counterparts are no more than terrorists.

thepoetryman said...

The Peace Tree Badge looks great! Thank you for your voice my friend.

Peacechick Mary said...

Ron Paul represents the neocons worst nightmare. He is exposing them over and over. If it comes down to Hillary and Paul, I might go with Paul. A lifelong democrat who is putting country before party. I recommend it to all of us or we won't have a country.

betmo said...

he'll never get the nomination- he is getting crucified by jesus' party.

Thorne said...

"he'll never get the nomination- he is getting crucified by jesus' party."
Oh, betmo... *score* another good one! Shame about this, though.

sumo said...

I hate to see injustice and with a side of unfair too.

DivaJood said...

Yes, I posted about him the other day as well - thanks to Peacechick Mary. He's not in the wrong party; he's a true Republican Conservative (of the old fashioned variety, before Nixon the Crook, before Ronald Reagan, before the Neoconservatives corrupted the party.)

True Republicans hate what the Neoconservatives stand for. But he is still conservative on any number of social and economic issues.

Sarah said...

He wants to make your personal medical information private. I like that idea. He is correct - your medical records can easily be sent out to a number of individuals without your approval, even thought I try very hard in my job to get an authorization from the individual first.