Saturday, May 19, 2007

i do some of my best thinking in the shower

there is just something about a nice relaxing shower to get the synapses firing in my forgetful brain :) i have alot of time to just think. i have the luxury of a simple, small life that hubby and i have created- and that allows us to think deep thoughts. or as deeply as one can when one uses only a small portion of the brain. :) so- some folks sing- i piece words together. i enjoy puzzles and i like fitting things together into their proper places. strange that my apartment is a mess.

ramblin' on- so i was thinking about the internet because hubby asked me in my travels around the google to look up products to walk on water. sigh. yes, several patents are out there. but- that got me to thinkin' about religion again. i read today where gingrich (who is going to step into the prez race for 2008) gave the commencement speech at liberty u in light of falwell's (un)timely demise. he spoke to the grads about continuing their fight against "radical secularists" who are out to destroy america. that got the cylinders firing for a variety of reasons. not least of which- most folks prefer a secular society. mainstream folks in america want to keep their religion separate from their government and their government separate from their religion. as the constitution intended it to be.

so- where was i? oh yes, the internet. the internet scares the crap out of totalitarian people because you get lots of diversity and sharing of ideas. a lot of the stuff out there is crap, but you have the opportunity to come into contact with actual discourse too. intelligent discourse!! lord have mercy! as an example, head on over to the free slave and look at the debate going on over whether or not we should continue to use the word 'race' or 'racism.' i doubt that this was discussed at liberty university or regent university.

my disdain and contempt for religion is not news. so- i began to think about the labels we put on people. christian, muslim, athiest, agnostic, etc, - in light of a couple of other blogger's takes on religion and/or lack thereof- here and here. there are other titles we confer on fellow humans- feminist, racist, gay, straight, etc., and i don't think i want to be any of them. i don't like to label myself as anything other than a human- and as betmo. around the circle here, we have been talking about left and right, red and blue, stupid and stupider- politics as usual. often what comes up is- why can't we all just be people? why can't we live side by side peacefully without resorting to name calling or mistreating or killing?

i haven't figured it out- but i think francis holland is on to something. i don't want a label. i want to be a human being on the planet earth and share it with my fellow human beings- and various flora and fauna. maybe if we stopped labeling everyone and everything, and stopped trying so hard to be different than other groups- maybe if we tried looking at people as people and stopped trying to force them to think like us- our lives and the life of our planet wouldn't be hanging in a precarious balance. maybe- pigs will fly.


Sarah said...

Newt has lost all credibility, in my opinion. I could care less what he has to say. He is just one of many who make up the "religious right" hypocrites.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

at least newt says alberto needs to go. that is probably the only time I have ever agreed with him.

I hope he does get the nom, cause he is too conservative to win in my opinion. I hope a hardcore conservative gets it because that would wake up the mainstream and they might see where our country would be headed if the gop steals, I mean wins again in 08.

yes, there is something wonderful about water. so soothing. maybe because we need it more than anything else next to oxygen but then water is part oxygen. I take baths when I want to reflect. sometimes the water seems to wash the blues away, sometimes not. lately not. lol.

will respond to your other message also.

have a wonderful weekend b. just as wonderful as you are.