Friday, May 04, 2007

going out on a limb here...

contrary to popular belief in some circles, i am a left leaning moderate. so, i am going into territory i am only familiar about because i have had to become so. the buzz in the news today is about the GOP hopefuls 'channeling their inner reagan.' i would too if i was them because let's face it, dubya isn't one to emulate. i chuckled cynically as i read this pert little piece from reuters today:

'saying "i'm sorry" fails to soothe public anger'

no kidding. if there was sincerity behind the words, or even a trace of wanting to truly do the right thing- but no, it is more an 'oops' that they got caught. these folks are corrupt and criminal and they go unpunished. they aren't in power to lead- they are in power for power's sake and to rake in billions of dollars to further their corrupt agenda. an 'i'm sorry' or 'mistakes were made' sounds as hollow as it is- and coming off of the lips of dubya or alcrapto, or wolfie or even mccain- well, it sounds forced and foreign.

'Karlyn Bowman, a senior fellow on public opinion at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, said people were fairly cynical due to the unpopular Iraq war and not paying much attention to Bush or his top officials.

"The judgment on his presidency is a negative one and explanations or apologies are unlikely to change that," Bowman said. "It's one of the sourest moods I've seen in a long time and it washes over everything."

no kidding karlyn. hundreds of thousands dead and millions misplaced in iraq- for no good reason. thousands of american soldiers and civilians maimed, wounded and killed- for no good reason. america on the verge of bankruptcy- with billions of dollars missing or unaccounted for- for no good reason. scandal and corruption around every single person in the executive branch and it's agencies. well, karlyn, i wonder why folks are cynical and sour? perhaps if we all squeezed into the beltway bubble to live in your fantasy land- we'd all be on board the 'straight talk express' too. as someone on the moyer's special said recently (memory is faulty today)-

'the further away you get from the beltway, the closer you are to the truth.'

reality is ugly- and for folks who have to live in the reality made by people living in a fantasy world- well, we tend to get pretty cynical. bye bye dubya.


Dizzy Dezzi said...

Good post. Cynical...heh...whenever a politician (of any stripe, I might add) speaks up, I always have to do a smell test...and a price check (what kind of bull***t are they selling and what's it gonna cost me...?) These days, particularly with Republicans, I don't even need to hear what it is they are trying to sell me, I can smell the bull***t a mile away...

Lily said...

UGH how bad do you have to be when Reagan is a better model!!!!!

Gee here's a novel idea. What about a candidate on either side interested in what is best for America and what is fair-good governing and response to the people, etc. as opposed to wondering who they should emulate.

Does anyone have their own personality anymore? A leader does not follow an opinion poll every second and copy others. A leader brings something new to the table.

A leader speaks out. Like Kucinich- say whatcha want- but that guy is the real deal I think.

Peacechick Mary said...

Great post, Betmo. Exactly - impeach the bastard and the elephant he rode in on, too.

landsker said...

Let`s not forget that nearly all american politicians, whether left or right, must dance to the tune of their sponsors.
Which means the arms manufacturers, the oil companies, and anyone else who can afford a few millions.
Impeach Bush and Cheney by all means, but as soon as you do, another set of slimeballs will stride up to the podium.
Kucinich seems to be a straightforward guy, he calls for unilateral disarmament by the united states.
Can you imagine an America without a single warship or bomber? Not one single silly soldier in uniform marching off to war, all those millions of military muppets having to find a real job.