Thursday, May 31, 2007

the angry left

rw said...

The Angry Left.

You people aren't bright enough to figure out why you are, and will continue to be, marginalized.

this comment came from this blog(thanks dizzy dezzi)

not bright enough to know why we have been marginalized. no, i think that we are quite aware of why and how we have been marginalized- it's what are we going to do about it that has us stumped. see, we on the left are angry at having our constitution stripped away and shredded so that fear gripped, hate mongering, bigoted, cowardly, racist, misogynistic, flag waving right wing mouth breathers like you can feel safe. you are out of your comfort zone around anyone who has the capacity for abstract thought and so, have taken it upon yourselves to force the rest of america- and the world- to look and feel and believe as you do.

see, that is what has gotten our panties in a wad. we aren't stupid and ignorant and have no plans to be. our biggest issue is one that we actually share with you- the left is cowardly. overall, we are peaceful, live and let live kinda folks. we aren't in familiar territory when we have to get ugly and open cans of whup ass- so we aren't good at it. hence the most recent debacle in congress.

but not to worry. there will come a time when my fellow left leaners will have decided that they have had enough. when the constant invasion of privacy, or being snatched away in the night for interrogation (i mean torture), or being secreted away to a secret prison with no word-because you are dissenting. that will come. then we will do what we have to in order to survive- and it will be in spite of all you have tried to do- and in spite of what the gutless wonders in congress haven't done. you think we are angry now...


Chuck said...



Great find on that blog from Dezzi.

I posted a comment right under yours. That young man is fully enlightened and knows how to use that keyboard. I was impressed enough to add a link to him immediately. Everyone should read that & I hope that anyone stopping in here or at Dezzi's place will.

Thanks for yet another mention here within your entry. :)

utopia said...

hey betmo
am not an american and i didn't know that this is how disillusioned some of the americans are with the war. i checked out dezzi's post too and above all this is such a sordid scenario and is gonna be remembered as a historical blunder. Wonder why America considers itself to be the BIG DADDY of the world? is it that hard to accept the fact that a lot of countries in asia are doing very well without american interference and even if they are not i don't think they need godsent America to sort things out. look at the fiasco and mess in iraq.

betmo said...

utopia, thanks for coming by- i don't have that answer. over 70% of americans are angry and frustrated that our government is failing us and the world. these people talk about spreading democracy around the world and yet- attempt to subvert it here. america has seen itself as the world's policeman since after world war 2- but i think it has more to do with money. we have much of the world's money and we want to keep it. as disgusting as that sounds- i really think it boils down to greed. if asia is on the rise, what does that mean for america? well, i think that the answer is pretty clear. the rich white men who are running our government don't want that to happen- hence what we are seeing.

chuck honey- if you didn't write so much good stuff- i wouldn't have to link to you all of the time :) dezzi too- she is so good at finding info- and i shamelessly grab it. thanks to you both.

Chuck said...

Thanks Betmo.

How did it get this way? We've had it too easy for too long with all the marvels of technology and our penchant for instant gratification.

Why won't we do anything about this outrageous coup that took place in 2000?

I suspect that its just not painful enough for the masses yet. Pain is a great motivator- actually I think the best motivator. Humans, for the most part are inherently lazy. They'll do more to escape pain than they will to attain pleasure anyday & everyday.

Unfortunately in this situation it might be too late. I hope not.

Sarah said...

I'm not angry - just very upset and disappointed!

; )