Tuesday, April 17, 2007

not buyin' it

thanks to bluegirrl at her site and at the peace train- check it out! boycott shopping for a few days!


C-dell said...

I would love to participate, but I buy my food everyday.

Aaron A. said...

First thing after groceries, otherwise small children begin to look tasty.

Nobody wants that.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

It's your patriotic job to shop!! We're in deep shit when the best sign of patriotism you can offer is to go shopping during a national threat.

landsker said...

I try to avoid "corporate" outlets.
If the owner doesn`t live there, I do my best avoid the shop/restaurant.

When it comes to bakeries, or fruit and vegetable sellers, there is no contest.
I do not want a loaf of bread that has travelled hundreds of miles, or a lettuce that has "flown in by cargo-plane this very morning".
Nor do I want clothes and shoes that have been sewn together by some 12 year old girl,in an asian sweat-shop.

Little shops and local people, much better too, for friendship and gossip.