Friday, April 06, 2007

links to blogswarm- take a peek

i will put folks up as i run across them over the weekend- blue gal is posting links here too. check out what folks are saying and hey- join in! fyi- vote at technorati for WTF. if i miss someone- i apologize in advance.

les enrages- a 3 part series- so tune in!

a poetic justice


coffee messiah


journeys with jood


views of the silent majority


thorne's world- multiple parts- so tune in!

dusty's trifecta- bring it on!, it's my right to be left of center, dusty's view of life


knock knock


citizen against lies

maria maria

the blue republic

the katrinacat blog

the peace train

essential estrogen


thepoetryman said...

Thanks for the links my friend...

Peace against theocracy.

SadButTrue said...

Thanks a bunch for the link betmo. And I really liked your post. I hope I have time to read as many of the swarmers' contributions while composing my follow-up post for tomorrow.

dusty said...

I joined up and will post somnething tomorrow about the Theocratic bs that infects our lives and our government.

Thanks for stopping by and letting me know :)

betmo said...

thanks for going for the trifecta!!

Thorne said...

Thank you for the link!!! I'm a lil late for my official 3rd post, but what the hell, in Thorne's World it's today until I wake up tomorrow!! LOL Keep on keepin' on!

C-dell said...

Thanks for the link.