Friday, April 13, 2007

i think that it is fantastic

that kathleen parker just wrote about how women shouldn't be in the military because the male soldiers feel protective of them. they are more likely to be raped by the enemy you see. uh huh. not only are our troops vulnerable to friendly fire incidents, but apparently, they are being mistreated by the very people who are supposed to be leading them and keeping them alive- and no i am not talking just about the admin. i have no doubt that morale in the armed services is very low right now. unending deployments; terrible access to basic services- health and mental health; we all know the list. we will never ever know the half of what these troops on the ground have faced- why? they are forced not to talk about it and i can't imagine that they want to talk about it.

thank you suzanne swift for serving your country and thank you sara rich for sharing her story.

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landsker said...

I agree, women shouldn`t be in the military, neither should men.

What kind of profession is it that kills and maims, rapes, pillages and generally fucks up every decent shred of civilastion, saying..
"Hey, we bring peace."

Militaries? Absolute eternal waste of space.