Friday, April 13, 2007

hopefully it isn't over yet

"It's not just Imus


On April 11, NBC News announced that it was dropping MSNBC's simulcast of Imus in the Morning in the wake of the controversy that erupted over host Don Imus' reference to the Rutgers University women's basketball team as "nappy-headed hos." The following day, CBS president and CEO Leslie Moonves announced that CBS -- which owns both the radio station that broadcast Imus' program and Westwood One, which syndicated the program -- has fired Imus and would cease broadcasting his radio show. But as Media Matters for America has extensively documented, bigotry and hate speech targeting, among other characteristics, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and ethnicity continue to permeate the airwaves through personalities such as Glenn Beck, Neal Boortz, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Michael Savage, Michael Smerconish, and John Gibson."

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dawn said...

The only thing I can say sums it up in one word. Hypocrites
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Brother Tim said...

You forgot Sean Hannity.

Time said...

Funny how some people get away with anything. I'm sure we can all relate to those who never get caught doing wrong. While (me for one) others always get caught for the littlest things.

NBC is getting off too easy on this Imus issue. They knew who and what he was, when they hired him. They have stood by him through his previous racial rants. They only cared about the money, when the money walked, they sent Imus walking.

Al Roker, and other NBC employees, had expressed their outrage about Imus's words, last weekend. On Monday, NBC decided to suspend Imus for two weeks. Tuesday and Wednesday the advertisers started to walk away from NBC. Only then did NBC fire Imus.

On Thursday NBC said that the money from advertisers had nothing to do with their decision to fire Imus.

I'm waiting to see Rush fired. I'm waiting to see Savage fired. I think I'll be waiting a long time. Dawn is right.

betmo said...

oh no- i haven't forgotten fox's 'golden boy.' he has 2 tv shows and a radio show- and he is no better than limbaugh et al. not sure why media matters overlooked him- i think all of them should be gone. free speech is fine. hate speech is not protected under the constitution. in fact, there are laws on the books against it. funny how it is only money and greed that brings any kind of 'justice.'

DivaJood said...

Well, it is still a partial list. I would add Howard Stern; I would add any "shock jock" who thinks it is okay to go beyond any level of human decency and compassion; I would add Borat to this list as well. I don't care which side of the political spectrum they fall, any time someone demeans another, they demean themself.

Every time I spew hatered, I fuel my own hate. Every time I make racial epithets, I demean myself. I'm tired of it; I don't care if it's someone who is far right wing, or on the political left and a darling of the liberals. Hate is hate, and has no place. I'm tired of it.

betmo said...

i quite agree diva. hate speak has no place anymore. or it shouldn't. i don't know who listens to this crap- but apparently there are enough people to keep advertisers coming back. i am not into censorship- but there are decency laws and there are fcc rules to be enforced. plus, the pressure from folks like us seems to work. take a peek at spocko's blog and see the difference just one person can make. one by one.