Monday, April 02, 2007

environmental news

as if the bushling didn't have enough on his plate with congress, now he has the supreme court's panties in a wad. yes, that's right- in a 5-4 vote (i will give you 4 guesses which yahoos dissented) the supremes rebuked the bushling on the admin's record on car emissions. basically, they said that there is no reason that cars shouldn't be more fuel efficient. huh. and on top of that, the EU is pressuring the two top polluters- australia and america- to get with the program and cut emissions with the rest of the top tiers in the world. my guess is- that in spite of the bushling's and his minions' resistance to taking care of the planet (instead of exploiting it until jesus comes)- the american people and the rest of the government will do what it takes to do our part in saving the planet. the movement has begun- and is gaining momentum around the world. can't put that geni back in the bottle.


Pam said...

Now we just need to hope, pray, beg, (whatever) that baby bush doesn't get to appoint another supreme before his reign is over.

John Good said...

If I heard correctly today, Congress HAS the power to force automakers to comply with emissions standards. Glad to know that Congress is now in good hands. . .;)

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

This is why the Dems MUST win in 08. There will be at least 2 if not 3 positions to fill next term (please let them hold on until 08) and can you imagine a Supreme Court with 2 more conservatives on it? YIKES!!!