Thursday, April 26, 2007

an alternate universe

how else to explain that dubya thinks he got another 'mandate' in 2006? his perspective and the rest of the neo con's perspective is that we, the people, elected a democratic congress so that he could continue the iraq war. he thinks he has a mandate to run the war as he sees fit- with a twist- he is going to lie to us about changing the plan. i guess i don't see how that's 'changing the iraq policy' one whit. but then again, i am not a stupid neo con. the bottom line is this- these yahoos don't have a plan to get out because the only plan was to get in- and make billions of dollars in profits. that is why they are trying to 'wait it out' until they are out of office and they can dump this mess onto someone else. they walk away with billions and no accountability. and the bottom line- we are running out of time to stop them. win-win for the neo cons, lose-lose the rest of the world.


Dizzy Dezzi said...

Too &^%$ing True!

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

you nailed this one, b. I think they see the writing on the wall. the elections are only 1.5 years away.

they have drug us through this war for 4 years now, whats a couple more.

the only bad things about bush leaving washington is that he will come back here. think I am gonna have to move.

have a good one.

dawn said...

Heres the second good thing they showed Bush dancing last night with I believe a Jamaican band. The man has no rhythm.