Thursday, March 08, 2007

extra! extra!

paragon of virtue newt gingrich is "not a hypocrite" for having an extramarital affair while leading the charge against bill clinton for having an affair- oh i forgot it was a perjury charge. why? you may ask isn't he a hypocrite? because he said so. one can only hope that all of those self proclaimed religious folks aren't taken in by his interview with dobson and his platform of 'family values.'

and- what does newt's home state of georgia stand for? apparently, blurring the lines between separation of church and state a bit more. yes, that's right- georgia is looking to add bible classes to public schools.

this is a nightmare i wish i could wake up from- except it's real life.


Sarah said...

Religious classes in school are fine, as long as they are electives. Georgia seems to be going that extra step though, which will probably get them in hot water down the line.

I wonder if these legislators know that the Koran and the Torah play large parts in world history too? So, where are the classes for these books?

And Newt? He can bite me.

; )

MichaelBains said...

I wouldn't let newt bit my . .

Agree w/ the mythology courses though. I got kicked outta class for arguing that we should be learning 'bout xtianity in my HS Myth class. Teacher got wiggy and had a stroke less than a week after that too.

Who says Faith isn't injurious?

betmo said...

i don't really have a problem with giving world religions their own section- as long as the others you mentioned as well as the ancient pagan mythology get equal time. when you single out and promote one over the other- that's where i start having a problem. myths shouldn't be taught as fact- even if the one teaching has 'faith.'

Undeniable Liberal said...

It sounds like something from The Onion. Sad

Sarah said...

I took mythology in high school. The first assignment was to answer questions about the origins of Christianity. Nobody knew the answers to the questions, including myself!