Tuesday, March 13, 2007

bz- and the meaning of life?

Intrepid Flame: Tell Those Questions I Have No Answers

i cross posted this at betmo's corner as well.

bz has written a post i think is a must read. it sums up for me where my journey has been taking me- how do i reconcile what is happening in my life with the outside world? how do i allow myself to be- and feel joy and sadness- and allow myself to feel what i feel. it is introspective but it also puts a finger on the pulse of where many of us might just be right now. i know that there are some folks who won't take the time to click a link- i ask you to make an exception. good stuff.


Peacechick Mary said...

You and intrepid are doing a lot of inner work it seems. I think so many world citizens are doing the same thing, with or without the personal miseries to accompany it. The world is awakening to it's errors. I think something wonderful will follow - perhaps just a more lightness of spirit. Take care. We all want to be present, calm and open to a better world.

C-dell said...

I do not believe in fate. I do think that the actions that we take lead us in certain directions. I often wonder where my actions are leading me.

Mariamariacuchita said...

Awakening is a process not a product...staying awake in this world is the trick...I keep falling asleep and forgetting what is most important. Then I wake up. Then I fall asleep...AY!

Daniel said...

Had a look at that link, Betmo. Thanks. There are so many people searching just as all those who have gone before us. Sometimes I think being born in a small village and spending a whole lifetime there had lots of advantages. Life just was and people didn't know too much. Or want to.


Intrepidflame said...

Thanks for the cross link betmo. I am glad you found solace in my confused ramblings. I hope others do as well. I recommend you give Mindful Politics a read. It puts a lot of things in perspective.

I am simply try to difuse my anger and frustration into somehting more positive.

AlaskaBaby said...

I'm not ready to stop calling dumbya a bastard or anything... :p

But I think there is something to a sort of concept of things sometimes (tho not always) being multilayered, at the very least.

baby steps :)