Thursday, February 01, 2007

'fuzzy math'

our figurehead-in-chief often derided al gore for his alleged use of 'fuzzy math' in the debates leading up to the 2000 election. however, it seems that he is the one suffering from fudging numbers. we have the administration claiming to want to send 21,500 troops in a 'surge' to iraq- but the former top general says he only needs half of that amount. what is confusing is that a congressional budget report that says that the actual troop 'surge' could actually be double at 48,000. so, i guess i am wondering- which is it? whose numbers are correct in this shell game that is being played with human beings?


Brian said...

Do you think that Gore will make a late push for prez in '08 and finally come out on top?

C-dell said...

I definatley don't trust Dubya's numbers.

Coffee Messiah said...

That he is going to put more, rather than what he first stated.....that the cost is, I can't remember 5(?) times what he first put up, shows his lies are getting far worse.
He makes Pinnochio look rather good!