Friday, February 16, 2007

friday cat blogging

i have nothing to say today- other than i hope that i am done shoveling today. the official tally for the valentine's day dumping- 18.5 inches. not bad- but my arm hurts. i think that i reactivated my tendonitis. so- i am giving you the cats- at one of their favorite pastimes. have a nice weekend- and try to stay warm!!! we are also in the middle of a cold snap :)


The Future Was Yesterday said...

Yowser!! 18.5" is a lot of shoveling. Been there, done that - way too many times, before I could afford a snow blower!:)

That fella on the stool looks like he's supervising the world! That pic is too cool!:)

"YOU!! Yes, you! Over there in the corner of the yard. Git moving right out of my yard, and now!" :)

Peacechick Mary said...

That is way too much snow and cold. Take care of the arm. Love the cats. I'll bet the one in the storage room thinks he/she is the supervisor of that room.

Spadoman said...

Batmo, you have way more snow than we have had all year. It is still dry here as we only have a couple of inches on the ground. It has been very cold, but each day this week has been warmer than the day before with the high for Sunday to be in the upper 20's. Yiiipppeee!

Sorry you had to shovel so much. Now if you had the Spado Maintenance service, the same one that does your plumbing, too bad, Spado Maintenance does not do snow shoveling or lawn raking :-)

C-dell said...

I never had the snow problem living in the dixie.

Mike K said...

18.5! Holy crapatude!